Using OnlineSim for SMS Verification Codes

Using OnlineSim for SMS Verification Codes

Register on OnlineSim to get a virtual SIM for SMS checks. It’s almost costless and so simple. OnlineSim offers comfort and online safety.

These days, nearly all sites or apps need a phone number when you sign up. This forms their user database. Want to skip sharing your real number? Use OnlineSim to get online SMS codes.

Getting a virtual number on OnlineSim? It’s a matter of minutes. You have choices: the number, its country, the type (short or long), and where you’ll use it.

Why do websites want SMS verification?

You might wonder why various platforms want our numbers, right? Here’s why:

  • A phone number is like our online ID now. With SMS checks, sites can stop users from making many accounts.
  • Once you give your number, it’s data. This data helps in understanding users and in sending ads.
  • Some services, based on location, use numbers to limit user access.
  • If you get locked out of your account or forget a password, your number helps.

But, with a virtual SIM from OnlineSim, you can skip all this and more. No unwanted ads and you can sign up anywhere. Plus, there are other perks.

A Number Just for One-Time Receive SMS

With OnlineSim, pick a temp number for any job. Rent it for multiple site verifications.For example: you can azure single sign on. Want to keep using it? Extend its time. It’s perfect for business tasks.

For our everyday tasks, a single-use number works best. Get SMS from 94 countries for as low as $0.01.

Perks of One-Time Virtual Numbers

  • Register anywhere, fast, for a small fee,
  • Pick from 94 countries,
  • Many virtual numbers to pick from,
  • Fits any app or online sign-up,
  • You get the number for 20 minutes. Enough time for Receive SMS code, even if it comes late.

Join OnlineSim now. Keep it handy for when you need an SMS verification.

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