What Is a Smart Home and Why You Need to Invest in One?

What Is a Smart Home and Why You Need to Invest in One?

Smart homes are taking the world by storm. They’re becoming more and more popular as time goes by. That’s because smart homes can do so much for you. They can help you manage your routine, keep track of your valuables, and make it easier to access them when you’re away from home. Smart homes can also increase your safety and security by allowing you to control who enters your home using a peephole or an intercom system, for example. Smart homes aren’t just useful, they’re also affordable these days too. This article will explain what a smart home is and why you should start investing in one today!

What Is a Smart Home?

Simply put, a Smart Home has equipment installed that automates tasks and/or provides remote access to the functioning of the home. It doesn’t have to be built that way either. Smart Home devices can be added at any time. This equipment can be controlled in a variety of ways including apps and voice commands, remotes and switches, or even artificial intelligence. Creating a Smart Home can start with something as simple as installing a smart speaker.

Why Have a Smart Home?

What’s the point of having speakers, cameras, locks, and security systems that can be automated? Many think it’s just more toys for the technologically savvy to play with but it’s much more than that.


Conventional alarm systems are fine and dandy and work well, but smart security is the latest development in full home and family security. 

Security firm, Smith Thompson announced the recent addition of a fully integrated and linked smart home system that can include interlinked lights, sensors, cameras, doorbells, and locks, improving not only the surveillance of your home but control of the system as well. 

Your home can alert you or a 24/7 monitoring agency of possible threats even when you’re not home. Why not scare the pants off that porch pirate as they try to snag your packages off the front porch with a two-way speaker doorbell camera?

Or unlock the door when your kids get home from school? No more keys to be lost or keycodes forgotten or shared.

What about letting the dog out the back door for some exercise and a bathroom break?

Save Energy

For many consumers, energy conservation is the driving force for installing smart home products. Saving energy boils down to saving money and aiding the planet. 

The most popular of these devices are thermostats like Nest and Ecobee. These smart devices improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems and work to lengthen their lifespan. They can pre-cool or pre-heat on a set schedule and will scale back power usage when they detect that no one is home. 

Some systems can even alert you that an open window is making it work harder!

There are also similar devices like plugs, lights, and appliances that can be turned on and remotely or will automatically shut themselves down when not in use. 


Indulge in your favorite forms of entertainment in any room of the house. Listen to music or podcasts on a smart speaker and have it follow you into another room. Look up a movie on your device and start it streaming on your TV. Access your streaming services from anywhere. 

Household Tasks

Who doesn’t want robots to take over those mundane house chores that suck the life out of you? Robot vacuums are present in many homes already that map and clean your home even when you’re not there. Vacuums aren’t the only appliances that are learning to do things for you. Smart ovens can start cooking your dinner while you’re finishing up work or playing with the kids. Your fridge can sense that you’re low or out of milk and order some for delivery. Even your favorite crock-pot dinner can turn itself on exactly 3 hours before you want to be eating dinner. 


Who doesn’t want some of the chaos in life to be simplified and automated? Comfort is at the top of so many lists of desires at home and smart devices make this easier to accomplish. Have mundane things turn on and off when you need them, potentially without lifting a finger. Walking into a dark room? Just ask for the lights to be turned on before you stub your precious toes on that corner table yet again. While there are plenty of speakers with voice control and apps to help simplify these tasks, there’s also automation and routines. Trigger tasks such as turning on lights or the A/C based on sensors, your location, the time of day, or the presence of a linked device. Your home can learn your routine.

Peace of Mind

A Smart Home makes so many simple tasks we take for granted accessible. If you or a loved one has mobility issues, lights, locks, and even phone calls can be completed through apps or voice commands.How often has someone had a bad fall and couldn’t reach a phone to call for help? Their only option was to lay there and wait for someone to check in on them, sometimes laying there for days.Smart Homes give them the advantage of speaking to call for help, with no movement necessary. Nothing is more valuable than safety. 


The age of the smart home is upon us. With that comes the ability to automate tasks, create smart spaces, and even ensure safety and security. The only thing standing between you and true automation is the initial investment. Smart Home devices are more expensive than their everyday alternatives. But with a little research, you can find products that fit within your budget and are worth it. The benefits are easy to see. Your life will be easier and more enjoyable. You’ll be saving money and improving the quality of life for your family. And you’ll be doing your part for the environment. If you’re interested in smart devices, there are plenty of options at every price point.

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