Why does Hulu have so many Ads Even though I Pay for my Subscription?

Why does Hulu have so many Ads even though I Pay for my Subscription?

Hulu is a reputable streaming option when it comes to daily doses of new shows, classic shows and even live TV. It is a great and popular choice among all other video streaming services and it houses a lot of shows that are globally renowned.

Why does Hulu have so many ads even though I pay for my subscription? There are ads on Hulu because it is a company that exists to make profit, if you’re on the $6 a month subscription plan, there’s no avoiding the ads. If you don’t want any ads, you have to go for the $12 ads free plan, and even then, there are some on demand shows and movies that are provided by Hulu’s network partners and these shows aren’t part of their own library, Therefore,  they have no control over some of those ads because the show you’re watching isn’t a Hulu content.

The thing about Hulu is that it is bound to make profit from most of the ads you’re seeing, the content you’re watching has to be paid for in one way or the other, and a lot of people pay the cheaper plan while enduring the many ads that will probably interrupt their viewing.

There are a lot of people who’d rather avoid ads altogether, unfortunately for them, these ads are inescapable even when they pay the no ads subscription fee, they still have to deal with ads before and after the show begins. This is because excluded shows have certain streaming rights, so Hulu doesn’t control the ads that go along with them.

Take a show like Grey’s anatomy, it isn’t exactly an original Hulu show, it comes from one of Hulu’s network partners, so Grey’s anatomy is an excluded show, because of that, it will play with a short ad break before and after each episode, even if you’re on the Hulu No ads plan.

You also can’t avoid these ads when you’re watching live TV on Hulu, you will still have to endure the same number of ads everyone else has to go through, but luckily, with enhanced cloud DVR recordings, you get to skip or fast forward through the ad breaks.

The greater of this ads evil is the $6 plan, in this case you’re paying your subscription fee and you’re still going to bump into ads, it is inevitable. The Hulu ads problem gets more intense as a lot of viewers complain about it.

The only way you’re going to be free from ads on your no ads plan is if you watch shows and movies from HBO, SHOWTIME, Cinemax, and STARZ, they are free of ads breaks, but they may or may not have promo content before particular videos.

Hulu Subscription Plan With Ads

Paying your subscription fee doesn’t automatically mean you’re free of ads, the fact that Hulu subscription fee starts at $6 a month, which is cheaper than a lot of other streaming services, tells you that you have it good.

Unfortunately, Hulu isn’t like Netflix, you cannot enjoy your show without ads, they are just something you’re going to endure for the subscription price you’re paying,  the ads you’re will see are similar to watching regular TV.

On one hand, with shorter shows, like shows that are along the time frame of 22 to 23 minutes, you would probably have to watch a 15 seconds ad at some point, which isn’t so bad. With an hour long show on the other hand, you will get an interval of ads, maybe with a 15-second ad at the start, and maybe about eight different time lapses of ad breaks throughout.

Ads can be annoying to a lot of viewers, but if you’re a casual viewer, you might not mind it so much. The trick is to remember that ads are there for a reason, Hulu has to make its revenue income from advertisers and providing you with your favorite shows in the world isn’t exactly a walk in the park, so it comes with a price.

Hulu No Ads Subscription Plan

Viewers who pay for the no ads plan, usually do so with a promised ads free viewership in mind, they pay an even greater price or binge watch their favorite shows with no ads whatsoever, but they still see ads.

The thing about paying about $12 for the no ads subscription is that you’ve opened your mind up to the possibility of watching your shows uninterrupted, this is why a lot of viewers complain about Hulu’s ads.

The Hulu no ads payment guarantees you an ad free show, you won’t see any commercial breaks and you will get to watch your shows with the smoothest lack of disturbance, you’re sure to get the best out of this with shows that are directly under Hulu, showtime and so on.

You’re probably still seeing ads even with the most ads plan because the show is held under one licensing issue or the other. For instance, you could be watching an ABC network show under your Hulu subscription, with that, there’s no way Hulu can control the ads because the show isn’t theirs.

So you have ABC shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and How to Get Away with Murder, that will have ads no matter the subscription you’ve paid for, this is because Hulu has no direct control over such ads.

The big advantage of this plan is probably the fact that you can download your shows to watch offline, this in a way allows you to have a better viewing experience and this feature isn’t one that all streaming services have.

There are some ways that might get you out of the ads situation, this might require a lot of research, but your safest bet is going for the no ads plan, even though you may still watch shows that definitely have ads, you still have a lot of options when it comes to watching certain shows with no interruption whatsoever.

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