Why is SEO Important for your Business?

Why is SEO Important for your Business?


Would you believe it if we told you that only 0.63% of Google users click on results from the second page? Yes, you heard it right! Now think about the competition businesses have to make their page and content rank at the top of Google results. As an SEO company in Chennai we opts for a one-stop solution to drive traffic from free, organic, natural or editorial search results in search engines. Are you eager to know what it is too? It’s SEO, i.e. Search Engine Optimisation.

SEO is a process used to optimise a website’s technical configuration, content relevance and link popularity so that one can quickly and relevantly find the pages to their corresponding queries, thus increasing the visibility and chances for better ranking by search engines.

From optimising relevant keywords, phrases, and various elements such as titles, meta descriptions, header tags and content accounting for a seamless user experience to building backlinks to make your webpage looks more authoritative and trustworthy, SEO does everything to boost your webpage. To learn more about why businesses should use SEO practices to elevate their brand to the next level, continue to read the blog.

Increased visibility and traffic with SEO:

Are you wondering why your webpage is not ranking on the top search engine results, even with quality content? It could be because of your page’s poor visibility.

One of the topmost benefits of using SEO is that it increases your site’s visibility and traffic. If your website ranks top or higher on the search engine, it is likely to get more clicks from users looking for a particular product or service you offer. With more clicks, you tend to convert visitors into customers and drive revenue.

SEO optimises the keywords by using relevant words and phrases and helps you identify the search terms used by your target audience and your competitors. It improves your website’s content, metadata and structure accordingly and enhances the chance of ranking higher on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

It also comprises adding high-quality backlinks to your website, thus making your website seem like a credible, trustable, and valuable source. It also adds to more visibility, and through which more clicks, traffic and conversions happen.

Better user experience with SEO:

How will you react if any page you try to open in Google responds or loads slowly? You will leave the page and try for the next option. But why? Because it needed to be more user-friendly. Page speed can induce frustration among the users, and they can redirect them to your competitor’s page.

When you use your mobile to search for something and the page doesn’t change its layout and design to fit your screen size, it might irritate you, and chances are you will leave the page. If the users find your website disorganised and difficult to navigate, you are losing another customer.  

Even Google and other popular search engines rank only the websites that give users a smooth and seamless experience browsing along with relevant, quality and valuable search results. So, it is crucial to enhance your site’s user experience.

SEO is not only about optimising your website but also about elevating your site’s user experience. Incorporating the best SEO practices like improving the page speed, mobile responsiveness and site navigation, you might attract visitors to your website, engage with them and make them stay longer on the site, thus reducing the bounce rates.

Cost-effective marketing with SEO:

Why opt for expensive and traditional advertising methods such as printing ads, TV commercials or billboards when you can do cost-effective marketing with just a few optimisations on your website? Bonus point: With SEO, you can reach a wider audience!

With over 3.5 billion searches every day on Google, a potential mass is actively looking for the products and services you sell. All you have to do is, make them visit your website and turn them into customers.

Optimising your website and content according to your target audience’s relevant search terms can drive more traffic and leads to your website. Also, SEO is likely a long-term investment. By focusing on organic traffic, you can drive users interested in your products and services to visit your website without paying for each click or impression.

When your website has relevant keywords and phrases, the users interested in your products and services will likely click on the paid ads. This strategy is effective for higher conversion and click-through rates (CTRs) and lower cost-per-click (CPC).

Long-term results with SEO:

Unlike traditional advertising methods, SEO provides long-term results for your business and doesn’t stop generating traffic once stopped paying for it. As mentioned above, it is more of an investment in the growth of your brand. If you have used SEO practices and optimised your website content, your page will continue to drive traffic and leads for months and even years.

The reason is that search engines continue to index and rank content based on relevancy and authority. Suppose you have optimised your website by implementing the right keywords and phrases, incorporating backlinks, and other things to make it user-friendly. In that case, search engines will continue to rank your page and drive traffic and leads.

Also, it makes it easier for businesses to measure their results through analytics and tracking tools, which is likely impossible with traditional advertising methods. By overseeing the traffic, conversions and revenue, one can easily measure the impact of SEO efforts, and you will get an idea to overview and change your strategies over time.

Competitive edge with SEO:

In today’s digital world, the competition is high, and your business needs to stand out from the crowd, differentiate from its competitors and create a customer base for itself. With the rise in SEO knowledge, your business must use innovative SEO strategies to attract more traffic and leads.

Also, if you incorporate SEO practices, you automatically rank top on the search engine results from businesses that aren’t using the relevant keywords and phrases. To succeed in the online marketplace, you should optimise your website according to the user terms and include quality content and FAQs, answering all customer queries.

Why is echoVME Digital a one-stop solution for effective marketing?

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echoVME Digital, having understood the necessity of online presence in today’s digital era, provides top digital marketing services to increase your business’s visibility. The best digital marketing agency has worked with numerous national and international brands from diverse industries and takes pride in being a partner of Google. It aims to provide 360-degree digital marketing services to make your business rank top on search engine results.

echoVME Digital, the digital marketing company in Chennai, also provides courses under ‘Digital Scholar’ to learn and master and take your business brand to the next level.


In conclusion, if you want to sustain and succeed in the competitive digital marketplace, you should incorporate and implement SEO guidelines and strategies effectively. It can increase your business’s visibility, drive traffic to your content, and account for higher conversion rates.

It is crucial to stay up-to-date with the latest digital marketing trends and techniques to bring long-term success to your business in the online landscape. So, if you are not using SEO, it is the right time to start incorporating it into your business and elevate your brand.

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