Why Simulcast Is The Best Way To Expand Your Reach

Why Simulcast Is The Best Way To Expand Your Reach

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ith the growth of digital technology and social platforms, streaming video material such as live broadcasts of popular events, church streaming, concerts, and news is becoming increasingly popular. Content marketers frequently stream their material on platforms like YouTube, Facebook Live, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other websites because it keeps the audience interested and drives potential internet buyers. Because of this, live streaming is expected to become more popular over the coming ten years.

The terms simulcasting and simulcast streaming are frequently heard. With simulcasting, on many platforms, you may concurrently upload and broadcast your live-streaming videos—including those of sporting events, concerts, church services, and others. Simulcasting is also known as multi-streaming since it allows users to live broadcast video material on many devices simultaneously. Try out the multistream solution from Melon to increase your reach and find a new audience.

This article will help you understand why simulcasting is the best way to expand your reach.


A simulcast is a broadcast that can be viewed simultaneously on multiple devices. Simulcasting via live streaming lets your online audience view your live broadcast on multiple social media channels. There are so many social media and digital platforms on the internet, and every user has their preference. As a result, podcasters will miss out on listeners if they broadcast episodes on only one medium.

Simulcasting is often referred to as multi-streaming. This is because you can broadcast your live event and video concurrently on numerous websites, social media platforms, and other locations. Various multi-streaming tools make it simple to broadcast video on several platforms simultaneously. You can add new listeners to the podcast daily and grow your brand if done correctly.

Advantages of Simulcast

Compared to single-platform streaming, simultaneous broadcasting has several benefits. You can boost audience engagement and draw in additional viewers. Simulcasting is a potent tool that connects you with your followers on social media and video streaming websites. Simulcasting is an excellent option if you’re looking to broaden your broadcasting audience and attract additional viewers. The advantages of simulcasting are listed below.

Increases Your Clientele

It gathers all of your audiences in one location. People frequently favor disseminating their favorite shows on various social media sites. Through simulcasting, you gain additional exposure to all your potential viewers who are interested in watching the same program. So it might significantly increase the size of your audience.

More Engagement

Various platforms for streaming video have different levels of audience interaction. Simulcasting lets you interact with viewers on several platforms using a single video stream. This will also reduce the time and effort it usually takes to manually upload the episode on each platform.

Reduce the Costs and Hassle of Content Production

Simulcasting enables you to save time and money because content only needs to be created once and can simultaneously reach all of your audiences. It significantly reduces the amount of time that would have been spent creating material for each streaming platform.

Audience-centred Content

Simulcasting enables you to interact with larger audiences and create a vibrant brand community. Consequently, you can use an audience-driven strategy to promote your brand and produce relevant content.

Podcasting is one of the most innovative and interactive entertainment media out there. Its popularity is visible by its impact on the mainstream media. However, intelligent planning and great content are the keys to expanding your podcast’s reach. Employ simulcasting in your podcast setup and see it grow overnight.

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