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10 Reason You Should Never Attempt To Detox At Home For An Addiction Problem

10 Reason You Should Never Attempt To Detox At Home For An Addiction Problem

If you are dealing with a serious addiction, detoxing at home should be the last thing anyone should do. This guide will go over the list of ten things why you should never do it in the first place. If you have been addicted to stronger drugs or even alcohol, you’ll want to detox under the supervision of medical professionals.

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Let’s take a look now at the list of ten reasons an in-home detox is never the best option (or any option at all).

Severe withdrawals can be fatal

Right off the bat, we’ll talk about the most serious reason why in-home detox is never a good idea. If you have been battling an addiction that has taken a turn for the worse, the likelihood of dealing with severe withdrawals are greater than before.

Some of the withdrawal symptoms can get to the point where they can be fatal if untreated. With no one at home, you won’t get the medical attention that you receive. The sooner you get the treatment needed for these withdrawals, the better.

The withdrawals happen at any time after

There is no set scheduled or exact time of when those withdrawal symptoms will kick in. On average, they may occur a few days after the last dose. That’s why you’ll want to get a detox done at an inpatient facility rather than at home.

When you need the medical help you need, your team of professionals will be there to aid you. Inpatient facilities will have a team available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for as long as you’ll be in the facility.

You face the likelihood of relapse

An attempt at detoxing at home puts you at risk of relapse. It can even get to the point where your relapse can lead to fatal consequences due to an overdose. Without that treatment or ongoing support, relapses will happen.

These will decrease if you get the help you need as soon as possible. A detox is one of the steps you’ll need to take in an effort to beat your addiction. It’ll be a life-changing decision for the better.

It’s never enough

As much as you can try and attempt an in-home detox, it will fall short of the entire goal you’ll need to achieve. It won’t be the only thing you need to get over your addiction completely. It will require treatment (albeit medically supervised).

On top of that, you’ll also need the solid support system that is your family to get through it. During your treatment process, you will also undergo counseling with a substance abuse therapist. You may also be dealing with a co-occuring disorder (which will explain shortly).

You don’t want to skip out on the key aspects of your recovery. 

You need the structure throughout the recovery process

Addiction treatment requires a certain structure. You will need to follow it to a science. You may be dealing with an irregular schedule when dealing with an addiction.

At home detox does not give you that structure. But medical detox (and your treatment plan as a whole) does. You will need to follow a schedule that requires you to go to your therapy sessions and your medical appointments.

At home detox will continue to make things disorganized and out of place. You may say that you’ll do something to get over your addiction. However, you’ll fail to follow through with it because of the lack of guidance and instruction.

You need to make a commitment for recovery

A commitment to recovery and beating your addiction is important. An at home detox will not give you the start you need to make sure you follow through with it all. To that end, it’s important to forego plans to detox and home and find a recovery center that will diagnose you with an addiction and put together a treatment plan.

If you have been diagnosed with a mental disorder along with addiction (known as co-occuring disorder), you need a comprehensive treatment plan that will tackle them both. You won’t be able to treat your mental disorder nor addiction at home without the right structure and treatment plan.

This can include spending time in a facility for days or even weeks. During this time period, you’ll want to make a commitment to your recovery and remind yourself that life after addiction is possible.

You’ll have a lack of support at home

A lack of support can be something no one recovering from addiction should deal with. With at home detox, you won’t be able to have that solid level of support. If anything, your family (your current support group) encourages you to get professional help.

Don’t take anything to chance. When your family is concerned for your physical and mental well-being due to addiction, it’s important to listen to them.

You’ll lack the necessary services

When you attempt detox at home, you find yourself without the needed services (medical and otherwise). You won’t have access to a counselor. You won’t be able to find out what kind of aftercare services are available.

You won’t have someone to talk to when you’re having a rough day. If any of this isn’t inspirational enough to get the help you need, we’re not sure what is.

Continued care is important

After the initial treatment, continued care will be important for your recovery. Yes, life after addiction recovery is possible and this kind of care will play a large role.

They will help you come up with a plan for when you may relapse. You will also have the right people in your corner for any needs you have to meet in certain situations where relapse is possible. 

Without it, the chances of relapse increase.

At home detox won’t save your life

Whether it’s via an overdose or severe withdrawal symptoms, you may suffer fatal consequences. That’s why you need to rely on professionals to help you detox and provide you with the treatment you need in order to live a new beginning in your life.

You’ll look back knowing that you’ve made the right decision as opposed to trying to make it work on your own. Don’t be ashamed and don’t be afraid to get the help you need. You’ll be strong enough to take the right steps with your support system at your side.

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