Try Your Luck – Winning Strategy

Try Your Luck - Winning Strategy

People love to play Roulette because it is a game that is very much based on luck and does not require the thinking, planning, and challenge of some other games. Some want to have fun and adventure with friends and fellow gamers. People play Roulette in The Best Online Casinos or a real casino at a table that every fan of betting games will love. Is there a guaranteed winning strategy in Roulette? Now I will tell you a simple and easy idea extend the playing time and increase your odds of winning by playing as long as possible at the roulette table. But like all betting games, there is always the possibility of losing everything if you are not lucky enough. Ready?

Roulette Winning Strategy

There is a well-known Roulette winning strategy called Martingale Strategy. Its idea is simple, but it exceeds your expectations! If you are a new player learning about roulette or betting games in general, you often think that if you are lucky and win, you should raise or keep the bet to win more or create a reserve that protects you from losing to play again. isn’t it? Well, if you think so, you are wrong. The opposite is true if you want to play the MartinAngel way. You double your bets when you lose! I will explain the idea to you:

  • Now let’s say you want to play with $2,000 and want to win money from Roulette.
  •  You want to win, don’t you? So you want to expect the worst outcome and choose a safe path to keep playing.
  • You want to assume you’ll lose six innings in a row and hope you win in the seventh!
Balance if you winProfit if you winBalance if you loseThe bet#
$2,000$20$1,980$20  – Outside 1to11
$1,980$40$1,940$40 – Outside 1to12
$1,980$60$1,880$60 – Outside 1to13
$1,980$120$1,760$120 – Outside 1to14
$1,980$240$1,520$240 – Outside 1to15
$1,980$480$10,40$480 – Outside 1to16
$1,980$960Enough for today?$960 – Outside 1to17
  • Follow the plan on your table. If you keep losing, keep doubling the bet!
  • The idea is simple. A win at any one of the seven times will make up for all that you lost before.
  • You are guaranteed to play for as long as possible.
  • It would be unlucky to lose seven times in a row, but it happens.
  • Bet as much as you want over $2,000, and you might win 35 to 1.
  • But if you lose and you only have $2,000, you go back to a strategy to guarantee your base amount

That Was About Survival. What About Winning?

People have been playing Roulette since around 1720. Don’t you think some people make money? Some can win real money playing Roulette in a real casino or the best online casinos. After you have learned how to play, your base amount is guaranteed to play in the worst case. Now let’s talk about other strategies to win in the roulette box.

Bet only the amount above the basic amount

If you lose in a row, keep your starting amount and only bet the excess amount. Remember that you can always return to the Martingale strategy and return to your base amount in case of repeated losses. Spread bets using the sums you won in the spins and more than your base amount.

Understand the types and returns of bets

The game is easy, and you can get it in minutes. But then again, why would people have played it for hundreds of years if it didn’t have some detail that makes players learn something to use for winnings every day they play the game? For example, you might think at first glance that betting on a color or half of the table numbers is a 50% bet. But what about the numbers 0 and 00? Did you also know that the vertical column selection 2 to 1 does not include zeros? That is one small detail you learn one day that increases your experience in the game and enjoys it the next time, and so on. There is always something you figure out at Roulette today to enjoy every day afterward.

Spread the Bets As Much As Possible

One of the great things about Roulette is giving meaning and love to the ordinary things around us, such as numbers. Wouldn’t you love a number that brought you two thousand dollars in profit, for example? Or cause you to be a famous person in the casino who everyone wants to talk to and play next to him. You can bet on a single number on the roulette box. That is the highest bet in terms of risk and reward. You win 35 per 1 if you bet on a single number that you trust can bring you money and make luck smile at you. But there is a minimum bet on the inside numbers, and you cannot count on betting on just one number. Hence, you want to spread the bets as best as possible to ensure you win if the shiny metal ball doesn’t land on your lucky number.

The Return Decreases As You Bet on More Numbers

Before, in another article, we discussed all kinds of bets in Roulette. But one simple rule is that the return on bets decreases as you bet on more numbers. And you can’t bet all the numbers on the table! Thus, you want to spread the bet on as many numbers as possible to ensure winning on the maximum number of possibilities. Which is something you learn new ways for every time you roll the magic ball on the roulette table.

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