3 Keys to a Successful Corporate Presentation

3 Keys to a Successful Corporate Presentation

In a corporate environment, presentations are an important part of the workplace culture. Whether you’re developing new products, briefing your team on current profit margins, or forecasting next quarter’s trends, you’ve likely been tasked with creating a concise and engaging presentation for your colleagues.

The ability to present and speak in public is an important skill that can carry you through the rest of your life, even if you change industries along the way. The first step to fully embracing this skill is learning how to create a compelling presentation that not only gets your point across but keeps your colleagues interested and engaged in what you have to say.

A professional presentation designer can help you take the steps to achieve these results. Let’s break down the three keys to a successful corporate presentation.

Prioritize Accessibility

No matter what type of information you’re incorporating into your presentation, if your slides are too busy or distracting, you risk losing your audience right at the top. The goal is to make your data or statistics accessible so that your entire team can absorb the information in front of them and ask relevant questions.

A carefully curated and accessible presentation can help you get your point across the way it was intended. Better yet, you don’t risk colleagues getting lost in the information and mentally checking out mid-way through your meeting.

When creating your slides, either independently or with the help of a professional presentation designer, make sure to always use sleek animations. Also, it is important to include transitions that are clear and create a concise material to always get your point across. Avoid flowery language and run-on sentences. With the facts at your side, you can’t go wrong.

Choose Visual Aids Carefully

Years ago, busy PowerPoint transitions and special effects were all the rage. While that may have been entertaining to your classmates, it will only come off as distracting and likely unprofessional in a corporate setting.

When it comes to incorporating visual aids into your presentation, stick to single-slide transitions. The busier your presentation is, the less engaged and more confused or distracted your teammates will become. Keep your colors on-brand but stick to neutral text. In the end, you want the data to speak for itself.

Be Consistent

Consistency is an important quality to possess in a corporate setting, and equally as important when it comes to creating compelling and comprehensive presentations. If your first slide is simple and incorporates neutral colors, and your next slide is a bold red with large fonts, you’ve already lost your team. Instead, create a distinct color pallet for your PowerPoint slides, decide on the font size that makes the most sense, and try not to deviate from the course.

Review & Revise

Before you walk into your conference room with your laptop and slides ready to present, you want to ensure you’ve reviewed your slides thoroughly — ensuring there’s not a spelling or grammar mistake in sight. Take the time to review and revise through the creation process, so you can feel confident standing up in front of your team and presenting your fiscal projections or exciting new ideas.

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