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5 Home And Natural Remedies For Your Toothache Pain

5 Home And Natural Remedies For Your Toothache Pain

Is your toothache becoming unbearable? Are you in a situation where you have no cavities but your teeth hurt? You need not worry anymore; here are some remedies you can try for your toothache.

A toothache generally happens due to a small or marginal cavity in your teeth or poor dental hygiene. It can cause pain in your jaw or gums. Thus, before applying any remedy, you must be aware of the reason for the toothache you are experiencing.

Once you know your cavity, you can try the proper natural remedy. Always go for home remedies before going to a doctor or using any medicines. The advantage of these remedies is that they do not have any side effects and are adopted by totally natural methods.

This article will help you know the home and natural remedies you must try for your toothache.

5 Home Remedies You Must Try For Your Toothache

●     Saltwater Rinsing

Saltwater rinse is the fundamental treatment that everyone does for toothaches. It works as a natural disinfectant. It also helps in healing oral wounds and reducing inflammation. All you have to do is mix salt into warm water and rinse thoroughly.

●     Using Cold Compress

This remedy generally works wonders for swelling and inflammation. The cold compress constricts the blood vessels in that area, thereby reducing the trauma of the pain. For this remedy, you need to wrap ice cubes in a towel and gently apply them to the injury or the area of pain. This is a perfect solution if you haveno cavities but your teeth hurt.

●     Clove

Clove is a common home remedy and is easily found in all houses. Clove can help reduce inflammation and numb pain with its antifungal, antimicrobial, and antiseptic properties. The utility of essential oil made from clove is extensively used for treating cavities by a dentist. It is called eugenol. This oil acts best against oral ulcers, gum pain, and toothaches. You can use clove in the form of oil while gargling and apply the clove paste to your teeth.

●     Garlic

Garlic as a medicinal remedy has significance in history. Garlic has anti-bacterial properties that help reduce dental pain and kill harmful bacteria that cause dental plaque. Thai treatment is not just for infections and cavities but also if you have no cavities but your teeth hurt. Not everyone likes using garlic directly for their teeth. Thus you can mix it with clove and create a paste to apply to your teeth.

●     Hydrogen Peroxide

Rising with hydrogen peroxide is another home remedy you can try for tooth pain. It works as a very effective anti-bacterial to treat tooth infections. However, it can prove dangerous if swallowed. Thus care must be taken while rinsing. Hydrogen peroxide should be mixed with water for rinsing, and make sure to thoroughly rinse your mouth several times again with water after spitting out the hydrogen peroxide.

These are primary natural remedies you can quickly try at home.


 A cavity and toothache can be irritating and discomforting. It may sometimes happen that you have no cavities but your teeth hurt. Such problems can be treated at home, but They must be done immediately. However, you can avoid going to the dentist directly. With the ingredients available at home, you can try out these home remedies to treat your swelling, inflammation, gum pain, infection, etc. If the pain persists or cannot be treated at home, it is advisable to consult a doctor.

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