3 Tech Startup Ideas to Look into

3 Tech Startup Ideas to Look into

The world is rapidly moving towards digitization. Following the success of Baltic States’ tech development, other countries are following their course. Not only developed countries, but underdeveloped countries are also occupied in exploring the opportunities to integrate tech in various industrial sectors ranging from health to education.

Digitization is becoming a handy tool to curb corruption and bring about growth in numerous official sectors of different countries. Similarly, business-men are wielding tech in their business to ensure growth. Be it health, education, marketing, gaming or security, technological development has promised growth in each and every sector. Technology has given you access to online betting too, an example of which is

The arrival of the pandemic accelerated the tech expansion in various sectors. In this rapid growth of the tech industry, tech startups have popped up and gained massive profits all over the world. Tech startups offering AI services are booming, and Virtual Reality has become the new buzz word in the market. Listed below are the most promising tech startups that offer substantial revenues in the modern world.

1.   Telehealth and Virtual Medical Services

Due to Covid lockdowns and quarantine, people were not allowed to leave their homes even when they needed medical assistance. To resolve this paradox, numerous young entrepreneurs thought of connecting physicians and patients through video calls. This way patients would get the necessary medical assistance without having to physically meet the doctor.

The doctors also got the opportunity to expand their services outside of their neighborhood, even to the rural areas. The introduction of virtual medical services will reduce costs for both the doctors and patients and become a goldmine of opportunity for new tech startups to explore.

2.   EdTech Startup

The pandemic also led educational institutions to close down. Even after the citizens were vaccinated and all the industrial sectors were open, educational institutions were the last to be opened. Practically, the schools, colleges and universities remained close for the most part since the pandemic took over. However, this led to more people embracing the benefits of online education.

Online educational platforms like Coursera, DataCamp, Udemy and edX saw a steep growth in their revenues. When schools and colleges were closed, more and more people started exploring online ways to continue their educational journey. Online education has a wider reach, and is more convenient for a number of children. Even the local curriculum of every country is being shifted online by the help of investors in Edtech startups.

3.   Robotic Delivery

No-contact delivery has become a norm nowadays. As a result of a decline in customers physically visiting restaurants, restaurants’ and general store owners’ have hired more delivery riders to keep the business going. Due to the shortage of riders, robotic delivery is being introduced and it may completely transform the delivery process.

Foodpanda and other food delivery companies have promised to introduce robotic delivery systems as soon as possible, which will help with on-time delivery among many other things. The robots can also access areas which may seem difficult for the rider, without minding the bad weather or time of day. Overall, this system of delivery is going to quickly become available all over the world, and placing your chips on it may be a good decision to make.

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