5 Tips on Setting Up Your Condo’s Wi-Fi Network

5 Tips on Setting Up Your Condo’s Wi-Fi Network

Having access to high-speed internet is now a necessity as we use our smartphones on a daily basis. With this in mind, having an internet service provider in your SORA condo is still better than relying on mobile networks for these tasks.

Place the Router in the Middle

Routers connect to ISP-provided modems and serve as an antenna, dishing out internet wifi to your devices. As such, it’s best to position your router in the middle of your condo space, such as the living room to try and reduce or eliminate dead spots.

Supplement with Repeaters If Needed

If your house or condo is big enough that a single modern router can’t cover it all, you should get a wifi repeater or extender. These devices act as beacons and provide extended wifi signals to the farthest corners of the room.

Add a Strong Password

Protect your wifi network and avoid having freeloaders connect to the internet using yours with a strong password. You can set this up by going to the HTTP address printed on the modem or router or by downloading the app.

Do a Speed Test

Once your network is up and running it’s now time to test the quality and speed. There are several free internet speed testing websites you can try. The point is that the rated internet speed should be the same as the one shown on the website. If not, it’s best to do a hardware reset and shut off the device for about a minute, then turn it on and test the speed again.

Connect and Optimize

Newer routers will have technologies that can improve your device connectivity and responsiveness. If you’re comfortable tweaking settings on your internet modem and router then you may find the process more rewarding.

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