The Importance of Good Commercial Mold Removal

The Importance of Good Commercial Mold Removal

Most workplaces don’t consider the fact that mold could be growing somewhere and causing unseen damage to the walls, structures, and the health of their workers. Over time this mold can grow further and become something unsightly and hard to remove.

The best solution to mold is to remediate it quickly to prevent further damage to your property.  On the other hand, you can also work to prevent mold from growing at all, by understanding what causes mold and keeping on top of these causes in the long term.

The Common Causes of Mold Formation in the USA

Often mold is caused by water damage, but beyond this, there are a lot of reasons mold can grow that you may not have thought of in the past.

Bad Wall Construction

It’s an unfortunate fact that not all commercial buildings are constructed with good materials. A poorly built layer can easily become damaged by the environment, and this can cause water leaks and mold. A common example is when walls crack due to bad seams between drywall panels, and this allows mold to grow behind the wall or within insulation.

Bad Air Ventilation

When air circulates in a room, it helps keep the humidity low and moves bacteria or fungi away from settling in walls or ceilings. When commercial buildings don’t prioritize this it can cause air to remain still and encourage mold to grow over time and in addition, can damage your worker’s respiratory systems.

Bad Roof Construction

Well-made roofs are made in different layers to protect the home. However, when one component isn’t built correctly it can cause water to leak through the roof after rain or storms and lead to mold growing in your attic or even in your basement.

Leaking Pipes

This might be one of the most common causes of water damage in the workplace. Even the smallest leak in a section of your piping can make water begin leaking out and pooling to cause damage in commercial buildings. These can cause foundational damage and ruin your building’s structure and mold growth can begin as soon as 24-48 hours after this initial water damage. 

What Do the Professionals Do To Remove Mold?

When you call mold remediation experts like those at Flood Pros USA, you’re getting an expert opinion on your workplace’s condition as well as a robust decontamination and restoration process to remove all the traces of mold, with steps in place to prevent the recurrence of the mold. These steps include advising you on possible causes of water damage and how to prevent them.

If you want to hear more about them, check out their Blogs on Flood Pros USA.

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