5 Top Ways an Electric Lift Chair Can Help with Mobility Issues

5 Top Ways an Electric Lift Chair Can Help with Mobility Issues

If you suffer from any mobility issues then you know how difficult it can be to sit down or stand up by yourself. Whether your mobility issues are permanent or as a result of a recent injury, you’ll want to find a chair that makes sitting down and getting up as comfortable and pain-free as possible.

For many Australians, the answer to this is investing in a quality electric recliner chair where they can experience both comfort and ease when it’s time to stand up or sit down. Not sure what an electric recliner chair is or how it will benefit you? Read on.

How is an Electric Lift Chair Different to a Regular Recliner?

If you already have a traditional recliner chair, you may think there’s nothing more comfortable to sit in. This is true, to a certain extent. What if you could combine that existing comfort with a chair that helps you stand up and sit down?

Essentially, an electric lift chair works by combining the comfort of a modern recliner chair with the technology to lift and tilt and in the process ease a person out of the chair. The best part – it works with the simple push of a button! By adding an electric motor, the chair can rise forward and either help you stand up or sit down without risk of injury. No more pressing down on armrests and putting unnecessary pressure on your hips and back as you try to sit down or stand up.

A Few Ways an Electric Chair Can Help You

Several surveys have shown that about 2,4% of Australians are dealing with some type of hindered mobility. This can be either permanent or temporary as an injury is being addressed.

Typically this means that while an individual may be able to get around without too much assistance, simple functions such as sitting down and standing up can be quite strenuous. It also adds to the risk of further injury. Here are a few ways that an electric chair will prevent this from happening.

1.     Aids Sitting Down and Getting Up

Whether you’re elderly or recuperating from a recent injury, sitting down and getting up can be strenuous. It can also lead to further injury as excess pressure is placed on the spine and hips. Since a lift chair has been designed to ease a person out or into the chair, there’s no need to bend down to try and sit down.

When you’re sitting down, the chair will nudge you into an almost standing position, making it easy for you to reach your walker, wheelchair or even walking stick. The best part? You don’t need anyone to help you do it, so you will be able to easily help yourself when you’re home alone.

2.     Helps Your Caregiver to Help You

You may think you don’t need an electric chair because you have a caregiver. However, lifting a person out of a seated position can pose an injury risk to both parties. With an electric lift chair, all the heavy lifting is already done, and your caregiver simply eases you into your wheelchair, walker or upright if necessary.

3.     Creates Extra Comfortable Seating

One of the top reasons that electric lift chairs are so popular is that they are super comfortable. No matter how extensive your mobility is, the chair will provide constant relief for joint and muscle stiffness and in some cases, even aid with pain relief. It’s certainly more comfortable than a hard chair!

Having a comfortable chair to sit in for the bulk of the day is ideal for anyone recovering from surgery or a recent injury. Since some models have heating and massage features, these chairs can provide considerably more comfort than regular chairs or even sofas.

4.     Increases Regular Circulation

Lift chairs also allow you to keep your legs elevated which makes it considerably easier to increase circulation. This is ideal for individuals suffering from fluid retention in their legs or those who are unable to get up and move around during recovery. In some instances, being able to sit in an elevated position also reduces pain experienced in the hips and legs.

5.     Perfect for Sleeping

With an electric chair, there’s also no need to try and get up and get yourself to your bed for a nap. Often doing this results in more injury. These chairs are comfortable enough for naps during the day. With the comfortable, elevated position, it’s often easier to sleep in your recliner.

Final Thought

Electric lift chairs don’t only provide comfortable seating but also help an individual stand up and sit down. This makes these types of recliners a wonderful asset to anyone suffering from mobility issues.

There’s no need to wait for someone to come and help you sit down or stand up, and with the additional comfort features, you can even take your daily naps in your chair without any strain on your body. You’ll be asking yourself why you haven’t invested in an electric lift chair sooner!

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