How to Get the Best Gutter Guard Installation for Your Home

How to Get the Best Gutter Guard Installation for Your Home

Maintaining your home throughout the different seasons of the year is vital if you want to protect one of your most valuable investments. However, the gutter system often gets neglected and if this happens, you run the risk of running into problems such as water buildup on your rooftop. This can lead to expensive infrastructural damage and leaking roofs.

There is a great solution though: gutter guards. Quality gutter guards keep your gutter system free of debris and leaves. With gutter guard installation Melbourne homeowners have peace of mind their home is safe during storms. How do you get the best gutter guard installation for your home? Keep reading as we share useful tips to help you find the best gutter cleaning and protection service.

5 Tips to Get the Best Gutter Guard Installation for Your Home

1. Work With a Company With Years of Experience

Finding a company with years of experience in the industry ensures you get quality gutter guards and top-class workmanship. This is vital for protecting your home’s infrastructure, resale value, and your investment in gutter guard installation!

Look for a company that takes a personalised approach while using accumulated experience to find the best gutter guard solution for your home. The company must have the skills, knowledge, and tools to complete a job while working within your budget and unique requirements.

2. Pick a Professional Gutter Guard Service That Offers Many Options

Friendly professional service that includes free on-site inspections and expert advice is a good place to start! It’s equally important that the gutter guard service includes a wide range of products under one roof. This ensures you get the best gutter guard option for your home’s water runoff system. Here are some of the options available for guarding gutter systems.

Brush Gutter Guards

This is a simple and inexpensive option that’s easy to access and clean. Made with quality steel and polypropylene materials, these gutter guards are durable and long-lasting making them a popular choice for Melbourne homeowners. However, they do require more cleaning and maintenance than other gutter guard options.

Internal Mesh Gutter Guards

These are affordable and easy to install while keeping leaves, twigs and other debris out of your gutters. They’re made with plastic and can be installed by the homeowner or by a professional gutter guard installer.

Box Gutter Guards

A sturdy design, this option has a higher edge and wider shape to prevent sizeable blockages. It not only prevents leaves and debris from getting into your gutters but it also extends the lifetime of your gutter system. Box gutter guards also reduce cleaning and maintenance time.

Steel Mesh Gutter Guards

These are ideal for smaller blockage risks such as pine needles. The finer mesh also prevents vermin and small creatures from getting trapped in your gutter system.

External Mesh

Made with plastic or steel, this guarding system goes over your gutter preventing leaves and other items from entering it. It extends the lifetime of your gutter system and if neatly installed, maintains the aesthetics of your home.

Two other options to consider are Polyguard and leaf gutter guards. A professional gutter guard expert will advise on which option to pick based on circumstances such as trees and other risk factors in your home environment.

3. Read Customer Testimonials

When looking for trustworthy gutter guard installers, you can rely on customer testimonials to tell you if the company will meet your expectations. Most businesses share testimonials on their websites or you can read Google Reviews. Asking members of your local community for a recommendation is another good way of finding the right company for your gutter guard needs.

Look out for the following statements in customer testimonials:

  • Excellent workmanship
  • Easy and friendly to deal with
  • Speedy response to requests for quotes and inspections
  • The gutter system was cleaned quickly and efficiently

Customer testimonials give you peace of mind that the business knows what they’re doing and that they do a good job.

4. Work with Qualified Installers

Professional gutter guard installation ensures they last a long time AND keep your gutter system unclogged. It’s best to work with a business that uses its own team rather than outsource to contractors.

Ensure that the team handling your gutter guard installation are registered and fully insured to do the work. Gutter guard installers who are registered with associations such as Master Builders and Housing Industry Association (HIA)  take their business seriously!

It’s also important to find out if they offer guarantees on their workmanship and materials, because this keeps you covered should something go wrong after the installation.

Final Thoughts

Professional gutter guard installation by the experts in the industry is a worthwhile investment The experts can advise on which gutter guard is most appropriate for your gutter system and ensure they’re installed correctly with the right tools and equipment.

Here’s one last tip! Work with a company that provides 24/7 service. You never know when you might need gutter cleaning and protection in a hurry!

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