7 Popular Reasons To Choose A Custom Cake For Your Special Occasion

7 Popular Reasons To Choose A Custom Cake For Your Special Occasion

People love celebrating. Whether it’s a birthday, graduation, anniversary, wedding or even a christening, the one aspect that all these events have in common is the presence of a special cake.

While it’s true that you can find a wide range of pre-frosted cakes at your local bakery or even grocery store, many party planners prefer the special touch of a custom cake. Using the cake delivery Melbourne residents love so much means that you can order a special cake well in advance.

Add an Exclusive Touch With a Custom Cake

There are a bunch of wonderful reasons why a custom cake is the ideal choice for your special occasion. If you don’t think it really matters what type of cake you choose, it’s time to give this article a read. Here are a few reasons why custom cakes are a top choice.

1.     The Unique Touch

The number one reason for opting for a custom cake is the personal touch. Selecting a custom cake with a special design and flavour combination means you’ll be able to have a cake that your guests wouldn’t have seen before.

The options to customize your cake are endless. Not only can you choose the shape or design, but you can also opt for personalised artwork, themed specific decorations and a wide range of colourful sprinkles. Customizing cakes can range from floral decorations for your engagement party to cartoon or comic characters for your little one’s birthday.

2.     Focus on The Person

A custom cake is a personal nod to the person the party is about. If done correctly, it can form part of your party theme. Pick a custom design for your cake based on the person in question’s favourite things. Not only does a custom cake celebrate the event but also the person it’s for. Letting the cake design be a surprise can instantly add extra fun to the event.

3.     Can be a Healthier Option

Some store-bought cakes may look amazing but keep in mind that they are often full of sugar, preservatives and other ingredients that could be unhealthy. Choosing a custom cake allows you to decide on the ingredients, flavours and colours you want to add.

Giving your baker a clear indication of your dietary requirements will ensure that you get a cake that’s preservative-free and suitable for all your guests to eat. It’s not uncommon for party planners to opt for gluten-free cakes right off the bat to ensure that anyone can enjoy a slice or two.

4.     Better Tasting Cake

By choosing the ingredients that you want to use, you’re more likely to have a cake that tastes much better than a store-bought version. Not only will you have a cake that looks amazing, but you will have eliminated the excess sugar, preservatives and other allergy-causing ingredients.

Custom cakes are made with your event’s time frame in mind so that means they will be made with fresher ingredients. In many instances, professional bakers use superior quality milk, eggs and butter, creating a much better texture and taste. Since they have more experience with knowing which ingredient brands create the best mixtures, you’re guaranteed to have a delicious cake!

5.     Create Exquisite Flavour Combinations

Since you’re creating your own cake, you can choose the flavours you want to combine. This means you can create traditional flavours such as vanilla and chocolate or think outside the box and choose something exotic like kiwi and caramel. You can choose to have plain frosting or create a whole new flavour by mixing a few of your favourite choices.

6.     Outsourcing Makes it Simpler

One of the top reasons many people don’t opt for custom cakes is that they don’t know how to bake a cake with an out-of-the-box design. Mixing flavours and trying different frosting techniques can be very challenging if it’s not something you do often.

Fortunately, making use of a cake specialist will help you get the job done without any fuss on your part. All you need to do is place the order. There is one golden rule for doing this. Custom cakes can take some time to design, and decorations can be time-consuming to create. Therefore, you should start discussing your cake well in advance.

7.     Professional Packaging and Transportation

Using a professional cake service means that they may be able to deliver the cake to your venue if you’re within their delivery range. This reduces the stress of trying to get your cake to your venue in one, beautiful piece. You can also speak to your baker about the best ways to package leftovers that you want to send home with your guests.

Final Thoughts

It’s no secret that cakes are a symbol of celebration. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to create a custom cake for your next special occasion. No matter what theme you’ve chosen, or how old the guest of honour is, there’s always a special way to create a custom cake with a unique design and a memorable flavour!

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