7 Expert Reasons Why Your Machinery Shed Should Have a Skillion Roof

7 Expert Reasons Why Your Machinery Shed Should Have a Skillion Roof

If you have machinery or equipment that’s too big for your garage you may be thinking of adding a storeroom or a carport. However, these structures can be costly and may not always provide the protection your machinery needs.

Because of this, many Australian farmers and agricultural business owners choose to install machinery sheds as opposed to another garage. Furthermore, in many of these instances, farmers choose skillion roof options because of their many benefits.

The Skillion Roof Concept Explained

Simply put, skillion roof structures boast a steeper roof slope. It’s the slope design that makes all the difference as it enables leaves, debris and rainwater to drain and run off down the sides.

Unlike a traditional roof design, skillion roof types don’t let water pool in the space, which in turn reduces the likelihood of water damage. There’s also no need to install gutters or any other drainage systems. Unlike regular sheds or garages, there’s no need to have a large space to accommodate a wide roof. These types of structures are also ideal for smaller spaces.

Skillion Roof Sheds Are a Huge Plus

Whether you’re looking for a closed space to store machinery, tools or straw harvests there are several particularly good reasons to choose a skillion roof. The most significant of these are highlighted below.

1.     Perfect for Small Spaces

Barn sheds aren’t just for farmers. You could be a homeowner with a smaller property who still needs additional storage space. The good news is that skillion sheds can be installed on small properties such as spaces between a garage and a property fence.

Since installation requires using one panel, you’ll be able to adjust the pitch and height of your new shed. You can also decide on the total width of the shed based on your unique needs. A shed used for tools and garden equipment may be better suited to your space.

2.     Easy and Simple to Assemble

The thought of adding another structure to your property may sound like an enormous amount of work. However, you’ll be thrilled to learn that skillion roof structures are incredibly easy to assemble. Since installation requires using a simple single panel, you can easily attach this to an existing building wall.

Using fewer materials to create the trusses and braces means the whole project can be done as a weekend DIY project. Since these roof types also don’t require any ridges or joints, the structure will have considerably better load distribution.

3.     Made From Durable Materials

Using a credited skillion roof installer will ensure that your new machinery shed is made from quality materials. The most prominent of these are listed as:

  • Using Australian-made steel that has been galvanized to last a lifetime.
  • COLOURBOND cladding allows you to choose a structure in the colour of your choice, which is ideal if you want your shed to feature your business branding.
  • Different footing options where you can choose to have a natural floor, concrete or a combination of both.
  • Materials meet the category 2 wind rating criteria to withstand the Australian climate.

4.     Installation is Budget-Friendly

Many homeowners and farmers opt for skillion roof structures because they’re more affordable than a traditional buildings. Since skillion roof types use much fewer materials, the overall cost is remarkably cheaper.

Keep in mind that fewer materials such as membrane and shed accessories also equals reduced installation costs. So, whether you’re doing a DIY job, or you’ve enlisted a professional, the total cost will be much less than you’d pay for hip, gable or flat shed types.

5.     Creates the Perfect Opportunity for Harvesting Rainwater

Farmers or business owners who collect rainwater to use around their properties will be delighted to learn that the skillion roof design is perfect for this. The slope design makes harvesting rainwater quite simple. By adding a simple gutter system, you can have rainwater transported directly to your collection containers.

6.     Suitable for Housing Solar Options

If you want to enhance the solar power on your property, you can easily use your skillion roof to house your solar panels. You can also install skylights to your skillion roof if you are using the shed as more than just a storage space. With its inclined angles, this type of roof receives the ideal balance of shade and direct sunlight. This means you can easily convert your shed into a workshop if needed.

Another feature that makes the skillion roof design so appealing is that you can customise your shed to suit your specific needs. Some of the features that can be added or specifically customised include the following:

  • Roof ventilation
  • Roller doors that can also be automated
  • Glass sliding doors
  • Insulation

Final Thoughts

With the many benefits associated with installing a skillion roof, it’s easy to see why it’s the perfect option for your machinery shed. Whether you need a space to store your garden tools or a much larger space for your farm equipment, a skillion shed is definitely a storage solution well worth considering.

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