How to Prepare Your Condo for Housewarming

How to Prepare Your Condo for Housewarming

Just bought an Emerald of Katong condo and thinking about throwing a housewarming party? Before you send the invites, there are preparations to be made to increase the chances of success. Here are several ways and steps to prepare for a housewarming.

Set Aside a Day for Cleaning

Your condo should be nice and presentable during the housewarming party as your friends and guests will see it for the first time. A whole day on the weekend might be enough time for you to do a proper cleaning; however, if you’re under a strict time constraint and are busy with something else then you can hire a cleaning service.

Plan Ahead of Time

Typically speaking, it takes around 2-4 weeks to plan a housewarming party, which means you should start preparing in April if you’re planning to invite friends and relatives to your condo in May or June. Construct a timetable of the things you need to do, e.g., cleaning, setting up furniture, food, and games and you can tick them off as you go along.

Make a Checklist of Housewarming Essentials

Your smartphone can be a handy checklist tool for all your housewarming essentials since you always have them with you. Email invites, dessert, number of guests, and other pertinent details can be entered into the app.

Notify Your Guests

When you’re halfway through completion, begin sending out invites to guests. You can do this by sending a message on social media, by email, or by calling them on the phone.

Consider Entertainment Options and Games

Keep your guests entertained by setting up activities such as party games, music, karaoke, and whatnot. Depending on the crowd you’re inviting, you can opt for a nice and quiet evening with refreshments or a singing contest with close friends.

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