Avica Remote Desktop Review: Secure, Simple and Seamless

Avica Remote Desktop Review Secure, Simple and Seamless

In today’s highly connected world, the ability to remotely access devices provides flexibility and efficiency for both personal and business needs. As more operations shift online, securing remote connections is paramount. Avica Remote Desktop software offers a seamless and secure solution to remote into desktop environments from anywhere. With robust encryption, intuitive interface, broad compatibility and stellar customer support, Avica enables users to remotely control computers, collaborate with team members, and troubleshoot issues efficiently. This comprehensive review will cover Avica’s standout features, usage, pricing plans and more to help you determine if it’s the right remote desktop software for your needs. Read on to learn if Avica provides the simple yet powerful remote access you need to stay productive in our digital era.

Part 1: What is Avica Remote Desktop?

Avica Remote Desktop is aremote desktop software that facilitates secure and reliable remote access to computer and mobile devices. It enables users to control desktop remotelyin addition to laptops, smartphones and tablets for remote collaboration, IT assistance, and device management.

With its proprietary video encoding technology, Avica delivers a fluid remote desktop experience. Its adaptive fluid grid gives smooth video feeds even on low-bandwidth networks. This allows users to remote into desktop environments with sharp images and lag-free mouse movements for real-time collaboration.

Business users can greatly benefit from Avica to view and control computers at multiple office locations in real time. IT professionals can remote login to PC environments swiftly to resolve employee issues.

Part 2: Comprehensive Avica Review

1. Security

Avica offers banking-level security for all remote connection to prevent breaches and data theft. It utilizes end to end AES 256 encryption that meets the highest industry security standards. All remote sessions are encrypted end-to-end without relying on potential vulnerabilities of SSL and TLS protocols.

You can easily record remote sessions with permanently encrypted audio/video feeds without compromising quality. Locally stored files also remain fully secured with sealed AES-256 encryption integrated into the videos.

Granular access permissions let administrators tightly control permissions for session recording, local storage, file transfer etc. These middleware security policies ensure protection for large-scale remote access to PC.

2. User-Friendly UI Design

Avica offers an intuitive design that makes access remote computerhighly user-friendly. To initiate connections, users simply enter the device ID in the console interface. There is no need for complex network configurations to connect remote desktop environments. 

The console then displays the target device screen where users can seamlessly control the remote desktop, transfer files and collaborate with others. Performance metrics let you monitor FPS rates, image quality and network statistics in real-time.

Avica even supports touchscreen gestures for mobiles and tablets to facilitate natural remote control. Whether from desktops or mobile devices, Avica reduces the complexities of remote access through its elegant interface.

3. Compatibility and Performance

Avica enables cross-platform computer remote access across Windows, MacOS,Android and iOS devices. This extensive compatibility lets you establish remote desktop connections from smartphones to desktops seamlessly.

The adaptive fluid grid backend engine analyzes network conditions in real time. It automatically adjusts video encoding configurations to maintain optimal data and video throughput.

4. Support and After-Sales Service

Avica offers stellar technical support through email, live chat, and message for any issues faced during setup or usage. You can easily find answers to common questions in their expansive Help Center documentation and FAQs.

The Avica sales team also provides swift email responses for any licensing inquiries. Volume and enterprise customers can further message support to customize remote control PC solutions aligned to their unique needs.

5. Plans and Pricing

Avica offers a free Basic plan with 30 days of Pro trial access for individuals seeking to remotely connect to PC. The paid Pro plan at $5/month or $50/year provides enhanced remote to computer access with ultra HD, smoother up to 144FPS feeds, virtual screen etc.

Part 3: How to Use Avica for Remote Connection?

Avica streamlines remote desktop access through a quick 3-step process:

Step 1: Launch Avica and Login

Begin by downloading and installing the Avica application on your local computer from which you want to initiate remote connections. Once launched, simply enter your account credentials on the login screen and hit “Sign In.”

This will open the main Avica dashboard that lets you remotely access devices as well as manage connections.

Step 2: Enter Device’s Avica ID to Connect

To remotely access a target device, first, log in to your Avica account on that device. Under the “This Device” section, you can view the unique Avica ID and Password for that device.

Go back to the host device’s Avica that you logged into initially. Here, enter theAvica ID of remote device under “Remote Session” and click “Connect.” After that, a prompt will appear asking you about the “Password,” where you can enter it, too.

You can also save frequently accessed devices to “My Devices” for fast one-click access in the future.

Step 3: Interact with the Remote Desktop

Once connected, your local mouse and keyboard will now function as native input devices for the remote system. You can seamlessly view and control the target desktop by interacting via the main session screen.

Collaborate with others by inviting them to remote into the open desktop session. You can transfer files across systems, leverage touch inputs using finger gestures and customize remote session behavior as needed.

When your task is complete, click the exit button to safely remote the session to the desktop. For security best practices, also remove device’s Avica IDs from access history if no longer required.


Remote desktop access enables businesses and individuals to securely access devices worldwide in real time to drive productivity. As outlined in this comprehensive Avica review, the solution enables seamless remote connectivity along with robust security, stellar cross-platform support and easy fidelity tuning during sessions. Intuitive controls further simplify remote collaboration between individuals and teams via global desktop control. Given Avica’s competitive pricing and rapid enterprise adoption, it forms an ideal mainstay strategy for today’s digital workspaces.

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