Best Free PDF Editor for College Students to Level Up Productivity

Best Free PDF Editor for College Students to Level Up Productivity

Students need to work with digital file formats in their educational journey at every phase, and PDF format is the most preferred one. PDF format is one of the popular formats to store, create or share information because the formatting will be saved no matter how many times you share it.

Sometimes, students need to edit PDF information, and as there are no built-in PDF editors on devices, they need help from a third-party free PDF editor. That is why we will give an overview of the best PDF editor tool – UPDF that students can use to improve their academic performance.

6 Reasons Why Students Need A PDF Editor for Study to Success

PDFs are the most commonly used document format at the academic level because many things make it superior to other formats. No matter if you are doing an assignment or studying a book for an exam, there is a need to edit PDF files. The following will clarify why students need a free PDF editor for success in academic life:

1. Annotate Learning Material for Easy Studying

Every student needs to make study material legible and highlight important points so that they can get all the information. From annotating, for example adding stamps, stickers, comments, or sticky notes, the readability of PDF is maximized, and it’s also captivating for students. Moreover, with e-signing, you can maintain the authority of your PDFs, like authority for research papers.

2. Taking Digital Notes While Studying

Taking notes while studying a topic makes learning more effective, and students can memorize information more easily. Whenever you take notes, you spend some time making them, so it remains in your head for some time, and it’s a good thing. Moreover, whenever a student is in a hurry, they can easily go through the digital notes instantly instead of going through every page of the PDF.

3. To Submit Assignments and Interact with Teachers

From COVID-19 to this day, submitting assignments online has been common for students, but they need help because of changes in the format of documents once uploaded. Teachers may want to comment on the uploaded assignments, but it can be possible if the document is in a reliable format like PDF. Pinpointing students’ mistakes or giving remarks is way easier with PDF editors.

4. To Organize Pages in PDF Files

The file you have to learn for the exam may be more miss-organized than you think, and now you need to organize it before studying. It can be very convenient if done with PDF files; as for Word or other formats, it’ll be tricky. But if you use a good PDF editor, you can easily organize pages and document data.

5. PDFs are Non-Editable

Mainly, sharing a PDF file is advantageous because it is non-editable, so the format remains the same. Unless you take assistance from a third-party app, the pages and information will remain just as the way you created them. The chances of losing data in a PDF file are zero, which is why using PDF formats for academic work is good. If you want to even edit a small part of a text in a PDF, you will need a PDF editor for that.

6. Device Compatibility

Not all students use iOS devices, so the teacher has to share documents without restrictions for device compatibility. PDFs are formats that can be shared, opened, and saved on every device effortlessly with the help of a free PDF editor. It makes the student’s study way easier because they can work with them on their devices effortlessly.

How Can College Students Enhance Their Academic Productivity with UPDF

The reasons mentioned above clarify that PDF is a reliable document format, and students have to use free PDF editors for PDF editing. One of the most persistent PDF editors is UPDF, a feature-rich tool that can enhance the efficiency of PDF files. You can use it on multiple platforms, including Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows, and it comprises all the advanced editing tools. This free PDF editor comprises a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use.

Moreover, every second of a student’s life is important, and with the fast processing speed of UPDF, you can carry out your editing tasks in no time. With UPDF, you can convert 5 PDF files with OCR for free, a great deal for a student.

How Does UPDF Level Up Students’ Productivity

You can edit PDF files by editing text or changing font styles, color, and resizing fonts. It also allows you to add and delete text without losing your file format. UPDF offers multiple annotating colors by which you can easily strikeout, underline, and highlight the text. This will help you differentiate between the different important points.

You can add colorful stamps and stickers to make your PDF files more attractive. If you wish to work with scanned files, you can rely on this free PDF editor because it can make your document editable and searchable in 38 languages. If the pages in your PDF are misplaced, you can easily organize them with UPDF. It also allows you to replace, extract and rearrange PDF pages.

If you think a page in the PDF file is not fitting in and impacting the readability of your PDF, you can delete it. Or you can also delete the blank pages from the document effectively. Maybe there is an image in the PDF file that is not resembling the topic of the file; you can replace or delete it with UPDF. Moreover, you can effectively extract an image from one PDF and place it in another.


In simple words, PDF files are a requirement for any student nowadays to carry out all academic work digitally. There are many PDF editing tools on the web, but if you want to work with an effective tool, go for UPDF. It is cost-efficient, so a student can easily work with it, and with the user-friendly interface, you can use it effectively.

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