Guide to visiting Palm Springs

Guide to visiting Palm Springs

Palm Springs is a city located in the Colorado Desert and surrounded by the famous Santa Rosa Mountain Range, but the most attractive thing about the Palm Springs landscape is that it sits at the foot of the famous San Jacinto Peak, a beautiful mountain known throughout the region.

Due to its location, the climate in Palma Springs is characterized by being much warmer and more temperate than in other parts of California. Its beautiful scenery and proximity to major California cities have made Palm Springs a favorite vacation spot for movie stars and California’s wealthiest people. It is for this reason that many names of streets or avenues bear the name of great Hollywood stars who frequented and frequent Palm Springs.

The entire Palm Springs area is known as the Coachella Valley, and is characterized as a small oasis in the middle of the rugged desert. Currently, Palm Spring has become the ideal place to go to rest, enjoy good food, the nightlife and shopping. However, in Palm Springs you will also have the opportunity to visit beautiful places and enjoy a privileged natural environment.

What to visit in Palm Spring?

In Palm Springs, the aerial tramway is very famous, a cable car ride of about 10 minutes that crosses the Chino canyon. This beautiful cable car tour is really highly recommended to visit in Palm Springs, since the views are formidable both in summer and winter. During the winter months, travelers take the opportunity to climb to the top of this mountain with the Tramway and once up they enjoy the ski slopes found in these beautiful mountains. On the other hand, in the summer months it is very typical to find hikers who make small trails or walks through this unique natural environment. Not suitable for the weather there and want to anticipate the situation? You can count on dispensary palm springs.

Agua Caliente Cultural Museum

For those who are going to visit Palm Springs and want to get to know the indigenous culture of this region a little better, you can visit the Agua Caliente Cultural Museum. In this museum you will find information about the Cahuilla Indians, the first inhabitants of the region. In addition, in this museum you will also find crafts and works of art made by these same indigenous people.

Moorten Botanical Garden and Cactarium

This interesting Palm Springs Botanical Garden was created in 1939 by Patricia and Chester Moorten. They themselves were the ones who collected different plants from California and Guatemala to exhibit them in their famous garden. Currently, this 4,000m2 botanical garden is specialized with a wide variety of cacti and desert plants. If you like flora and fauna, it is a very good option to visit the Palm Springs Botanical Garden.

Palm Springs Air Museum

In this museum in Palm Springs you will have the opportunity to visit the largest exhibition of airplanes from World War II. For all lovers of airplanes and the Second World War, in this museum you will have the opportunity to climb into aerial simulators and see impressive aeroplanes, apart from an extensive collection of vintage cars.

Where to go shopping in Palm Springs?

Palm Springs is an ideal place for shopping, as it is full of large shopping malls and outlet areas. In addition, in Palm Springs you can find clothes from the big brands at very low prices. The best-known outlet malls in Palm Springs are the Cabazon Outlets and the Outlets Mall. In these outlet malls in Palm Springs you will find more than 130 stores of different brands and it is a very good place to buy sportswear.

However, if you really like shopping and high-end stores, we recommend heading to the small town of Palm Desert, less than half an hour’s drive from Palm Springs. In El Paseo, the main street of Palm Desert, you will find a lot of stores of the best brands of clothing, decoration items or interesting pieces of art.

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