How to Shop For Clothes on a Budget

How to Shop For Clothes on a Budget

Shopping for clothes is s constant need of everyone. Of course, you need clothing for everyday use, for office or school, for formal dinners, for outings with friends or parties etc. The constant need for clothing can sometimes upset your budget especially when some surprise occasion comes up. Also with kids growing up, they need new clothes very often. Hence, it’s easier to disrupt your budget over the clothing.

Sometimes coupon codes can help you spend less on clothes but you need some other guidelines too. We have gathered some tips for you that will help you devise a proper plan and designated budget for your clothes which you will not overrun.

Don’t Buy Just Because It’s a Sale

SALE written in big letters on a board can seem like you will be getting a good deal. While the truth is that it’s not always necessary. Unless you have researched competitors’ and historical price ranges, you cannot be sure if you are truly getting a good, cheap deal or not. Sometimes you will get better prices otherwise rather than on Boxing Day or Black Friday sales. Therefore, it’s essential that you do your homework properly.

There are online platforms available that let you monitor prices like Flipp. You can enter the item you are looking for and it will show you all the deals available on the product. You can compare and contrast from there and decide for yourself where you want to buy the product from.

Check for Price Drops

There are also online apps and platforms available that let you monitor price drops. These have useful features like they send you a notification when the price drops on an item that you are interested in. They cover products from Amazon, Macy’s, Target, Walmart and many other similar places.

Some of these apps and platforms also let you access the price history of the product from the past few months. This way you can learn the price patterns and what point in time the price was lowest at.

Use Coupons

Coupons are a great way to save money on any and all products. Use apps and platforms that search for coupon codes for you on your purchases. Better yet use browser extensions so that you can save yourself time and hassle. After you have filled your cart, the extension can search codes for you without you leaving the page. Some of these automatically apply it when they find a relevant code so you do not have to put in effort into trying them one by one.  Save 20% w/ Never Fully Dressed Discount Code.

Get Cashback

Purchase through some platforms that can get you some amount of cash back. Some platforms offer you 10 or 20% cash back. Some even offer up to 40% cash back on your purchase. Some of these platforms also offer you up to a $10 welcome bonus on your first purchase through them.

Buy Clothing Stores Gift Cards

There are plenty of online markets where you can buy clothing store gift cards. Some are for online use while others you can get delivered to your house. These gift cards offer discounts on items from clothing stores as well as other kinds of retail shops. You can get gift cards for The Gap, Roots, Banana Republic, La Vie En Rose and others. Plus, you can use your credit card to pay for the gift cards so you still get your credit card points which is a bonus point.

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