iPhone Data Transfer App – FoneTool Free Download & Reviews

iPhone Data Transfer App - FoneTool Free Download & Reviews

Searching for a consistent and secure method for iPhone data transfer? While iCloud and iTunes are well known decisions for Apple clients to transfer their data, they have limits. Free iCloud storage capped at 5GB, past which you will have to buy extra space. In addition, both iCloud and iTunes depend on a strong Internet connection to transfer photos from your iPhone to your Windows PC.

Considering these limitations and comparing it with several iPhone data transfer apps, I found a promising alternative called FoneTool. With a USB connection, you can use FoneTool to transfer your iPhone data without any internet connection.

FoneTool – Safe and Powerful iPhone Data Transfer App

Now that you know that using iCloud and iTunes can cause slow or stuck transfers due to weak connections or system failures, you can use an alternative tool called FoneTool. It is a safe and powerful iPhone transfer app that helps to transfer all data from your iPhone to a PC, external hard drive, or other iOS devices.

Benefits of Using FoneTool for iPhone Data Transfer:

  • Selective File Transfer: FoneTool lets you move specific files such as photos, videos, contacts, and more between iPhones, PCs, and other storage devices.
  • One-Click Transfer: FoneTool simplifies the data transfer process between iPhones with a single click, streamlining the entire exchange.
  • No Storage Limits: Unlike iCloud, FoneTool imposes no capacity limits, allowing you to transfer data without worrying about storage constraints.
  • Swift Data Transfer: FoneTool facilitates fast data transfer without requiring a constant internet connection; simply use a USB to migrate data to your new iPhone.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: FoneTool is compatible with both iOS and Windows devices, ensuring seamless data transfers between iPhones and PCs.

How to Transfer iPhone Data to a PC/USB Drive/Another iPhone

The way to transfer iPhone data is quite simple and easy. Follow the step-by-step instructions below to transfer data from your iPhone to a PC, USB drive, or another iPhone.

Part 1. Selectively Transfer Data from iPhone to a PC/USB Drive

When you only want to transfer some important files to your PC, you can go to Phone Transfer > iPhone to PC to preview and select the desired file to transfer. Here is a full guide:

Step 1: Establish a safe connection between your iPhone and PC via USB cable. (If you want to transfer data to USB drive or other external drives, connect it to your PC.)

Step 2: Launch FoneTool and navigate to the Phone Transfer section > From there, choose iPhone to PC and click the Start Transfer button to begin the transfer process.

Step 3: Click the “+” icon to expand the options and select the specific files you want to transfer > Click OK to confirm your selection.

Step 4: Specify the desired storage location via the Transfer Settings menu > Finally, click Start Transfer to initiate the transfer.

Part 2. One-Click Transfer iPhone to Another iPhone

To transfer all data from an old iPhone to a new one, you can use FoneTool, even if the devices have different Apple IDs. Simply follow the straightforward steps outlined below:

Step 1: Launch FoneTool and use two USB cables to connect your two iPhones to the PC.

Step 2: Select Phone Transfer > iPhone to iPhone to transfer data from one iPhone to another and click Start Transfer.

Step 3: Confirm the source and destination devices, activate backup encryption for added security, and then click Start Transfer to initiate the transfer process.

In addition, you can make use of FoneTool to transfer whatsapp photos from iPhone to PC without using the Move to iOS app.

The Bottom Line

After reading this post, you may know how to transfer data from your iPhone to a PC, USB drive, or other iOS devices. FoneTool is your first choice, whether you want to transfer all your data or just specific files from one iPhone to another.

Additionally, FoneTool is one of the best iPhone backup software options available. It allows you to back up your data to a PC or external hard drive, freeing up valuable storage space on your iPhone.

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