The Importance of Using a VPN While Gaming & Watching Your Favorite Sporting Events

The Importance of Using a VPN While Gaming & Watching Your Favorite Sporting Events

Virtual Private Network, also referred to as VPN, allows users to alter their IP addresses in order to perform several tasks. It can be used as protection against cybercrimes or any cyberstalkers that may intend to harm you.

In addition, VPN enhances your browsing experience by reducing the chances of lags and pings. It also enables you to access websites and games that are unavailable in your country. A good example of the versatility of VPN’s usability is how it shields you from hackers and viruses as you play online games such as casino-centered games or betting on sports online.

Listed below are various reasons why VPN has gained so much popularity over the past few years.

1.            Protection from Cyber Crimes on public WIFI

Although the rise of technology is a blessing, there are some drawbacks that come with it as well. People who use technology to execute criminal activities, can get your valuable account information, and use it to harm you in many possible ways.

One way is to gain access to your Credit/Debit cards to steal any money that you may have in your account. Additionally, these cybercriminals can also hack your social media sites and threaten to release your private information that can harm your public image.

VPN will protect you from such criminal activities, as it makes it almost impossible for the offender to hack a network. The chances of hacking a network under VPN protection are scarce as compared to a network without VPN.

Public WIFI spots are the most risky networks as they expose you to all these risks mentioned above. The use of VPN can protect you from falling prey to these scams.

2.            Option of playing banned and unreleased online games

Some games are not released or are simply banned in some regions. For instance, games that involve any reference to nazism are banned in Germany. Similarly, UK has banned games that involve nudity and sexual acitivities.

If you have a VPN subscription, you can update your location to a country where it is available. This will enable you to play unreleased or banned games in your country.

Some sporting events are also restricted for access in various regions of the world. A VPN connection allows you to change your IP address to the region where it’s streaming is available, allowing you to easily enjoy such events as well.

Various streaming sites including Hulu, Amazon Prime, and ESPN are also blocked in numerous countries. To access these blocked sites, users can take advantage of VPN services as well.

3.            Prevent any bandwidth throttling or lags

When gaming activities are detected on a computer, various internet service providers (ISPs) reduce bandwidth to keep the internet flow of an area running smoothly.

VPN makes it difficult for your ISPs to detect whether you are playing games online or randomly surfing on your browser. This will allow you to have a smoother bandwidth and so, a better gaming experience.

Any lags and pings that may occur are also greatly reduced if your network is connected to the VPN.

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