What Are Temporary Buildings?

What Are Temporary Buildings?

Most people often associate temporary buildings with low-quality and short-term solutions. However, that is not the case. Temporary buildings are built with high-quality and durable materials. These structures also have many benefits over brick houses.

Temporary structures are common in businesses. The buildings are easy to set up, cheap, and versatile. Herein, we will look at the types of temporary structures available on the market. This guide will also highlight some of the main benefits of temporary buildings.

Types of Temporary Buildings

Temporary buildings are also known as semi-permanent structures. These structures are built using prefab materials. Most temporary buildings are built with steel beams for support and industrial tents or steel sheets for the walls.

The buildings can also be customized further as per your needs or liking. For instance, you can have extra padding on the walls, especially if you want to use the structure for residential purposes.

The main type of temporary buildings is industrial tents. They are cheaper than other options available on the market. They are also simple to build and the construction time is short. It can take anywhere between a few days to a week to build an industrial tent. Duration will vary depending on the size of the structure.

Another type of temporary building is steel-framed structures. Steel-framed structures are better but costlier than industrial tents. The structure can be used for either residential or commercial purposes. Steel-framed buildings come with clear-span PVC roofs and steel sheets for the walls.

Picking the Right Temporary Structure

It is essential to consider things such as your budget and duration of usage when choosing a temporary building. The price will vary depending on the size and extra customizations on the structure. Also, talk to a construction expert for a more professional take.

Industrial tents from Smart-Space are the best choice if you want a quick fix, especially during emergencies. Other than being cheap, they are easy to install. In addition, you won’t require a planning permit or building regulations if you will be using the structure for less than a month.

In some cases, leasing might be the best option over buying the structure. Leasing is the best option if you want to use the temporary structure for a few weeks. However, for long-term usage, purchasing the building is more cost-effective.

Building Regulations and Planning Permits

Rules around planning permits and building regulations will vary along the way. We recommend talking to the relevant authorities in your city before setting up your temporary building. There are some instances where you will need to apply for a planning permit.

For example, you need a permit if you will be using the structure for more than four weeks. Besides that, a permit is needed for a structure that covers more than 25% of your property.

Benefits of Temporary Buildings

Temporary structures offer many benefits over conventional buildings. The cost of setting up a temporary building is significantly cheaper, so you will save a lot on labor fees and materials. In addition, some temporary structures, for example industrial tents, can be set up on any surface.

Temporary buildings are also very versatile. The structures can be used as warehouses, garages, classrooms, or for residential needs. An excellent example is industrial tents which can be used to set indoor arenas or greenhouses.

Versatility and portability are also other great benefits of temporary structures. These two benefits come in very handy to entrepreneurs operating on leased properties.

Wrapping Up

Temporary buildings are a good option if you are on the hunt for a unique and cheap choice. They are also a good option for businesses that move regularly. Dismantling and rebuilding a temporary structure is quick and simple, meaning that you will not spend extra money in buying new materials.

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