Where Should Banjo & Kazooie Go Next?

Where Should Banjo & Kazooie Go Next?

This year hasn’t brought us much in terms of new games so far, but a few re-releases of older games for modern consoles have caught on. Perhaps most exciting of all, Banjo-Kazooie was just revived for Switch, together with some other games from both the Sega Genesis and the Nintendo 64. It’s an extremely welcome update for droves of fans who grew up adoring the game.

Given the popularity of the titular characters Banjo and Kazooie though, it’s now interesting to consider whether or not the game’s revival could lead to a broader resurgence. That is to say, might we see these lovable adventurers pop up in other games entirely? One never knows, but let’s check out some ideas as to where the characters <em>could</em> go next.

A Mobile Version

It’s true that the Switch offers portability in its handheld form. You can play it on the bus, while traveling, or even during a hospital stay if you like. However, a mobile app version of the original game could also be an option. Mobile phones are smaller and more lightweight than the Switch. Furthermore, this would also open the door to more types of games featuring the beloved characters. With Nintendo committed to mobile games (or seeming to be at least), the possibilities are endless. But what other types of games might we see, you ask? Well, that brings us to our next suggestion….

A Mobile Version

Puzzle Games & Runners

Sometimes a third- or first-person RPG is just too much to handle. For gamers who prefer a more relaxing experience, a puzzle game featuring their favorite characters can be just the ticket. Accordingly, there is quite a market for puzzle games, with so many people enjoying having relaxing games they can play during quick breaks or on the go. Meanwhile, for those looking for comparable simplicity but a bit more action, there are also side-scrolling runners such as Super Mario Run, which developers could easily use as inspiration to create a new game featuring Banjo and Kazooie.

Poker Game

Contrary to what some might assume, there are actually poker games available for the Switch already. There is also some history of Nintendo characters appearing in such games, which makes a character-focused poker game roping in a roster of beloved Nintendo figures less of a stretch than it might at first seem to be.  Chances are that a third-party company would create the poker game and buy the rights for characters such as Banjo and Kazooie to appear, but regardless it’s fun to imagine a just-for-fun poker experience in which character avatars are beloved heroes (and villains!) from past games.

Slot Game

While this seems an unlikely spot for Nintendo, online slots are actually growing steadily more playful and character driven. Several platforms promote a cartoon explorer named Gonzo, to the point that you could almost call him the de facto Super Mario of slots. Beyond Gonzo as well, there are all sorts of fun, animated characters that headline games, with the Gala Spins platform in particular showcasing a range of examples as of this writing. Among the games there, you’ll see figures including a giant sea bass, a cartoon Poseidon, a goofy lobster, and of course Gonzo himself. Frankly, Banjo and Kazooie would fit right in if a licensing deal could be struck.

A Sequel

So far, there have been three games in the Banjo and Kazooie franchise. With the last game released in 2008, it doesn’t look like Nintendo or Rare have any intentions to release another sequel –– yet. It is still a possibility, however, especially with the existence of the “Stop ‘N’ Swop,” a feature that was implemented in the first game but was eventually discarded due to N64 tech limitations. It would be relatively easy to create a sequel in the franchise that takes advantage of this feature while also bringing back favorite characters. Plus, of course, they could just develop an entirely original sequel from scratch –– triple-A Banjoe and Kazooie open world adventure, anyone?

While it doesn’t look like we’ll see Banjo and Kazooie in a new game soon, we can still keep our fingers crossed as we enjoy the re-release on the Switch! Thanks for reading, and for more updates on gaming and tech more broadly, visit us again soon!

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