4 Best Ever Applications to Hide your Photos & Videos

4 Best Ever Applications to Hide your Photos & Videos

We’re all aware there’s a significant issue with saving images and movies on Android. In similar words, having some security and preventing others from accessing specific awful photos or personal information is sometimes necessary. If you answered yes, you are incredibly fortunate to be viewing this article! We’ve compiled a list of the top 4 applications for making files vanish from curious eyes. Have one, and rest assured that no one will have access to your private data until you authorize them! If you’re having trouble with your iPhone, we encourage reading this article.

1.   Vaulty

Vaulty was created for the sole purpose of obscuring photographs and videos. But isn’t it precisely what we, the typical user, require? Vaulty lets you conceal files and then see them from within the app. A PIN or a text passcode is used to safeguard the files. You may organize them most efficiently thanks to the ability to create several inner folders, each of which can be secured by a unique password. If anybody attempts to access your secret files by entering an erroneous Password, To let users realize who has tried to conquer your personal, the app will take an unwelcome selfie of the offender. A free internet backup is another fantastic feature of this application. Nobody is safe from losing a phone or having it break down. Vault provides you with this option, so make use of it — prudence is the mother of security! Get this app exclusively free only on

2.   KeepSafe


KeepSafe is another application that allows you to hide images, videos, and data. This app is believed to be the safest, but we suspect that other applications are any less secure, so let’s be impartial and list the actual benefits. To begin, there are three different forms of security: PIN, pattern, and fingerprint. The fingerprint is a unique feature that isn’t seen in other applications. Thus, it’s a significant benefit. Second, the galleries where altered or duplicated photographs are jam-packed with options. Rotate, zoom, and presentation are the most notable. As a result, you may effectively use the app as your gallery, but no one will realize you have any multimedia content. The simplicity in which documents may be accessed is the second benefit. Finally, you can use the app to synchronize and fully back your photographs, videos, and data. These are good choices, but other applications provide them as well. A premium package also includes features like modifying an album’s cover, creating an incorrect PIN, creating multiple passwords, and receiving a break-in alert—a safe and attractive application for those who like minimalism and don’t want additional functionality. The application comes with everything you’ll need to keep your data safe.

3.   Hide it Pro

The hide it Pro symbol does not like a vaulter icon in the least. Only by long-pressing the character will it open a passcode window leading to the private gallery. Isn’t it incredible? The collection itself is pretty user-friendly. It offers all of the necessary functions, such as a presentation, a video player, and sharing. There are no unique credentials for each subfolder, but our trusted fake password may be used to deceive anyone who wishes to see your photos. Another benefit is the app’s ability to save a wide range of media, including photographs, videos, apps, messages, and even phone conversations. So it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, like capturing an offender red-handed, but it has some essential capabilities that work effectively.

4.   Private Photo Vault

Private Photo Vault was invented explicitly for iOS. However, it has now been successfully ported to Smartphones. The application hides only photographs and videos, but the confidentiality is reasonably excellent. A fake password is one of the standout features. It works like this: you create two credentials, one for personal private stuff and another for your “public” gallery. Whenever anyone asks you to display images, enter the secondary password, and you’ll be presented with a pleasant picture of a guy who has nothing to hide! There seems to be free break-in reporting in addition to the fake password option. The individual who attempts to hack into your private gallery on several occasions will be rewarded with a photograph, and his GPS position will be shared with you. Importing, resizing, spinning, slideshow, and video player are all available in the private gallery. The design is perhaps too simplistic, but a user will not be confused at the very least. Get this and ensure that your photos and movies are well-protected!


So, made our recommendations to conceal photographs and videos on Android applications help you? Join the discussion below, letting us know which of these applications you enjoyed most and if you’ve downloaded it to your smartphone! Don’t remember to look at the top free Android applications and how to troubleshoot Android WiFi difficulties and other frequent Android problems! Above are some of the leading Android applications for hiding images and videos. W, which serves as a full-featured gallery app, allows you to conceal all sensitive material.

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