CPUs and GPUs to Get Price Hikes in 2022


Semiconductor firm TSMC has announced that processors and chips will receive price hikes this year.

DigiTimes has reported that TSMC partners AMD and Nvidia are planning to increase chip prices by as much as 20 percent, which means the cost will be passed to consumers. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company mentioned several factors that played a role in the decision, including logistics, freight complications, material costs and pandemic-related shortages.

Equipment cost is expected to rise as ASML, a known partner, has recently had a fire outbreak in its Berlin-based plant. It’s worthy to note that TSMC is a major supplier of AMD chips, while Nvidia has paid to have its 5nm chips secured and for manufacture in the RTX 40 GPUs.

Apple has agreed to a price hike to secure wafer production for its A16 chip and is scheduled to receive them this year. It seems that Intel is one of the few that’s not so affected as it works in-house.

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