Quill Forms VS Gravity Forms

Quill Forms VS Gravity Forms

In this article we will cover a quick comparison between Quill Forms with Gravity Forms which is the most robust WordPress form plugin. We will compare them at different points and see which is the best Typeform WordPress plugin.

1- Popularity

If we are comparing both for popularity only, then Gravity Forms will be the winner. Although it is a premium, it has a really strong community behind it. Everyone thinks about forms in WordPress should think about Gravity Forms

Quill Forms, on the other hand, doesn’t have yet a strong community behind it like Gravity Forms because it is still a new baby in the market.

2- Form Builder drag and drop

If we go to the form builder drag and drop, then Quill Forms is absolutely the best. It has the best drag and drop experience. It has the easiest form builder with a very unique and elegant layout. You will love drag and drop experience with Quill Forms.

On the other hand, Gravity Forms have the same drag and drop you will see on most other form builders.

3- Form UI/UX

Quill Forms is the best Typeform alternative. If you are familiar already with Typeform, then you will know it does a really amazing job with its form UI/UX.

Gravity forms still doesn’t have the conversational addon until the date of this article although a lot of requests are sent to have this feature but it seems it is on their roadmap.

4- Third Party Integrations

If you are looking to automate your workflow with your forms, then it is necessary to look forward if the form has third party integrations with your favorite CRMs or not.

To be fair, both forms are having enough 3rd party integrations and both are equal at this point although Gravity Forms offer a bit more integrations.

5- Payment gateways

Paypal and Stripe are the most popular payment gateways so if you are looking for donation form, order forms or booking forms, both forms can do the job but if you are looking for more payment gateways, then you should go with Gravity Forms. Quill Forms looks promising though at this point and on their roadmap page, they mention that they will add more and more payment gateways.


We had a quick comparison between Gravity Forms and Quill Forms. Quill Forms is definitely the best although it is still new but things take time with new brands until people get familiar with them. Quill Forms is the best WordPress survey plugin

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