An Overview of Top Tractor Brands in India: Performance, Features and Market Share

An Overview of Top Tractor Brands in India Performance, Features and Market Share

The Indian tractor industry manufactures more than 10,00,000 units to support agricultural operations. It will expand further with the increasing demands and needs of the farming communities. This is why farmers must have knowledge about all tractor brands in India 2023 that are the best in the business.

The Indian tractor industry is dominated by a few key players who offer a range of tractors in different horsepower categories to fulfil the demands of farmers nationwide. In this blog, we will provide a list of all tractor brands in India, their performance, features, and market share.

Top Tractor Brands in India 2023

The best tractor companies in India manufacture top-class vehicles within different price categories. You can choose if you want a budget-friendly tractor or a premium one. Top tractor brands in India cover all your needs. Not all tractor brands in India 2023 use the latest technology to manufacture their vehicles. Only top tractor brands in India do so to offer robust build quality and unrivalled performance.

Following is the list of all tractor brands that farmers must consider when purchasing a tractor:

1. Mahindra

Mahindra is the market leader, with a 22.93% market share in the total tractors sold. You can get powerful tractors in the range of 15-75 HP from this brand. One of the most loved aspects of this brand is its exceptional aftersales service. Mahindra has a strong network of dealerships and service centres across the country.

The brand has been ruling the market for more than 70 years. Its tractors are both reliable and durable, so that they can be easily driven in challenging terrains. The brand comes up with innovative technology solutions using its superb research and development facilities. You must check the top tractor on road price list 2023 for popular Mahindra models like Mahindra Yuvo 575 DI and Mahindra Jivo 225 DI.

2. Swaraj

Swaraj is counted amongst all tractor brands in India 2023 that produce the best farm equipment, machinery and tractors. Its market share is around 16.45% in India. Its tractors are popular for offering reliability, high performance and strong engine capacity.

Swaraj offers different tractor series based on their specifications, functionalities and features, including the FE series, XM series and XT series. All tractors of Swaraj feature advanced technology to be outstanding performers in the field. They come with economic field mileage to save money while increasing yield.

3. International Tractors Limited – Sonalika

International Tractors Limited has captured a market share of around 12.16% in India. Sonalika International tractors belong to the 20-120 HP range. The brand guarantees high customer satisfaction via an extended dealership network of customer touchpoint centres and dealers.

Some of its key features include high lifting capacity, 4-wheel drive power and HDM engines. Sonalika has received prestigious awards like Innovative Leadership Award and Global Agriculture Leadership Award. Its reputed models include Sikander RX 750 III DLX and Sikander RX 50 4WD.


TAFE, or Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited, is amongst the best tractor companies in the country. The company holds a market share of 11.57% in India. Its signature brand, TAFE, is known for manufacturing efficient, durable, robust tractors. TAFE tractors can easily deliver top-notch performance in varying soil conditions.

Besides the TAFE brand, the company now owns other brands like IMT, Massey Ferguson and Eicher. All tractors of the company come with a robust build to cater to multiple farming needs of farmers. As the company has been operating in India since 1960, it profoundly understands the soil conditions and requirements of Indian farmers.

5. Escorts

Escorts Agri Machinery owns four brands: Escort, Digitrac, Farmtrac and Powertrac. It has captured around 10.46% of the total market share. Its tractors are observed to be between 25 HP and 65 HP. Escort tractors take the help of modern technology to provide greater traction and power.

All tractors of Powertrac have high fuel efficiency as they employ a mix of European finesse and Indian engineering. In addition, all tractors of Farmtrac are popular for their comfort and style. The manufacturing units of Powertrac and Farmtrac have been given National Safety Awards.

6. John Deere

The market share occupied by John Deere in India is around 8.24%. Its tractors are available in the range of 28-120 HP. The vast dealer network of the brand fulfils all the needs of farmers, ranging from pre-sales and post-sales to financing. All tractors of John Deere are suitable for heavy-duty haulage and agricultural applications.

Some of the key technologies used by the brand include collar shift transmission, dry air cleaners, oil-immersed brakes, side gear shift and power steering. Examples of its top models include John Deere 5310 and John Deere 6120 B. John Deere has always been at the forefront of technological innovation in tractors.

7. Eicher

Eicher is a household brand name in India as it has earned the respect of Indian farmers. Its tractors offer high value for money and come equipped with high-quality global technology. Eicher has a market share of 6.03%, as its tractors are synonymous with reliability and ruggedness. Its popular models include Eicher 333, Eicher 485 and Eicher 380 Prima G3.

Eicher tractors are available in the range of 18 horsepower to 60 horsepower. Thus, different HP tractors are available for farmers to meet their particular farming needs. They come with the best features like dual DCV valve, high engine CC, air-cooled engine, high backup torque and synchromesh gearbox.

8. New Holland

New Holland is a highly popular brand that produces tractors for both the construction and agriculture sectors. All tractors of New Holland belong to the 29-90 HP range. In 1996, the company started operating in India. The design of these tractors allows them to manoeuvre optimally on different terrains.

Some of its future-proof technologies include oil-immersed brakes, dual clutch and 4-wheel drive options. The popular models of New Holland include New Holland Excel 6010 and New Holland 5500 Turbo Super. You can easily trust this brand to get satisfying after-sales services.

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