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Top 10 Things you Need to Take Care of While Driving

Top 10 Things you Need to Take Care of While Driving

A majority portion of everyone’s time is spent on driving vehicles to timely and safely reach our day-to-day destinations. To ensure that your time on the roads is spent hassle-free and safe, you need to take care of certain things regarding driving vehicles. Listed below are the top 10 things you must adhere to as a responsible driver. 

Wear a seat belt/helmet to ensure safety- 

Irrespective of how good you are at driving, a small mistake can cause dangerous accidents. Therefore, you must ensure your safety by wearing a seat belt while driving a car or by wearing an ISI-certified helmet while driving a motorcycle. This will protect you from serious injury that you may experience in case you met with an accident. As per the traffic laws it is mandatory to wear helmets and seat belts you are obliged for penalty. 

Insure your vehicle- 

Amongst all the important documents, you must have a car policy that financially secures you in case of any mishap. Investing in a car policy will provide you coverage against damage or theft, personal accident coverage, third-party liabilities, coverage against natural disasters, etc. Download the ICICI Lombard app now to avoid the tedious process of buying a bike policy or car policy and get your assets insured at the click of a button. 

Keep mandatory documents accessible-

If you are driving a car or motorcycle, there are certain documents that you must have due to legal purposes and easy vehicle identification on the road. These documents include your driver’s license, registration certificate of the vehicle, valid bike policy or car insurance certificate, pollution under control certificate of your vehicle, etc. Keep these documents easily accessible, you can buy car/bike insurance on the ICICI insurance app to get quick access to all insurance-related documents. 

Maintain moderate speed- 

It is quite tempting to hit the accelerator pad, however, doing this increases your risk of encountering an accident. As a responsible driver, you must enjoy the thrill of driving at a limited speed. You must first have a good practice driving your vehicle at a slow speed before you begin to moderately increase the speed. This helps to develop strong judgment about various aspects of driving and provides you with a better hold on your vehicle. 

Follow the traffic rules- 

Breaking the traffic rules can land you in serious trouble. The traffic rules in India are easy to understand and should be followed to ensure the safety of yourself and the people driving around you. Just by becoming a little cautious and responsibly following the traffic rules you can prevent accidents. Breaking the rules can hurt you and your loved ones and can cause huge trouble. Following the traffic rules helps to maintain a smooth flow of traffic as well. 

Don’t pay attention to distractions-

It is essential to avoid distractions and focus on the road while driving. Lack of presence of mind can cause accidents on the roads. If you are in a bad headspace or too concerned about thinking something, you must avoid driving. It is better to drive with a clear mind. Too many distractions on the road can make you mistakenly drive terribly. If you are hitting the road, make sure that you are having restored energy and a calm mindset. 

Do not drink and drive-

As a responsible citizen, you must never drink and drive. This is vital to ensure the safety of yourself and your loved ones. If you are caught driving a vehicle on the road under the influence of alcohol, you can get arrested and get penalized. Driving in an unconscious state of mind will increase your chances of getting involved in serious accidents and can even cause death. Intake of alcohol badly affects the ability of a driver to take rational decisions, therefore, the probability of making a mistake increases. 

Avoid mobile phones and other electronic devices while driving –

A major source of distraction while driving is caused due to mobile phones and electronic devices. Highly getting engaged on your mobile phone or other electronic devices while driving can lead to serious crashes. Mobile phones catch your attention and reduce your awareness on the road. Using phones while driving will hamper your ability to focus and make judgments on the road which causes accidents. 

Understand the features of your car/motorcycle-

Often people do not invest time in understanding their vehicles and this lack of knowledge sometimes becomes the reason for mishaps. Educate yourself about how various buttons and control systems of your vehicle work. Added to that, you must be able to interpret your dashboard which can help make you aware of any malfunctioning in the vehicle. 

Relax and enjoy your time on the vehicle- 

Although the above-mentioned tips are crucial for safe and smooth drives on the road, you must not forget to enjoy your rides. Be calm and confident while driving to ensure your time on the road is rejuvenating. Polish your driving skills over time to ensure that you are an experienced and responsible driver. 

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